What to consider in choosing a Personal Trainer

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer - O40HF

How does a personal trainer help you improve your health and fitness? By encouraging you, motivating you, and teaching you how to take control of your own body. With a personal trainer, you learn what diet and exercise routine works best for you. You learn to make lifestyle changes to counteract any unhealthy habits, create a healthy diet plan personalized to your needs, and understand how to exercise properly to strengthen muscles and make a fitness routine that is comfortable for everyone.

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing a Personal Trainer:

For what kind of person personal training is best?

Personal trainers are not just for professional and amateur athletes. If you have a health condition, a person undergoing physical rehabilitation, or just a regular person with big goals, you probably will need a personal trainer.

I always experience muscle pain even after a couple of days from my workout. What should I do?

Muscle pain is normal most especially after working out. That means your muscles are experiencing microscopic fiber damage which should not be alarming. To reduce the pain, proper flexibility and stretching exercises pre-workout and post-workout should be done.

Do I have to find a personal trainer near me?

Depends on your location. But as we like to say, distance should not stop your fitness goals. Fit Print is one of the best gyms in Orlando with all-inclusive training programs. We can get you going even if you wanted to enjoy the liberty and space of your home. We will not require you to go to our gym studio physically. All you need is a virtual personal trainer!

Does nutritional counseling important?

In most cases, getting the best results is achieved when you do two things: 1) exercise, and 2) manage your nutrition. The former is quite obvious but the latter is a factor that not everyone knows. A balanced diet program helps your body to keep and store the energy it needs. Diets with high-protein content can help in muscle development. Consumption of an ample amount of water every day keeps you hydrated and your organs functioning well. If you ask us if nutritional counseling is important, we will probably say YES!

How quickly should I expect results?

The first couple of weeks are the most painful as your lifestyle is changing. Your muscles are swollen and you will probably miss your couch. Most people are quiet during the first few weeks of strength training because they feel uncomfortable, and they do not see results. Expecting results should depend on how frequent your training is, how intense you work out, and how well you manage your diet. Some people see results in just a matter of weeks while others in a couple of months.

Does committing to physical fitness need major lifestyle change?

Progressive lifestyle change can be done. Of course, that depends on your current lifestyle! With our top personal trainers in Orlando, we understand that the reason why people quit fitness programs is too much sacrifice. And so, we do not want that because that defeats the purpose of the program. We help you quit those bad habits by not forcing good habits into your throats. We keep it steady!

How much does a personal trainer cost?

The best way to make you fit is to assign a personal trainer who will walk with you throughout your fitness journey. But if we make it expensive, then what is the purpose of fitness if not for everyone? In Fit Print, we make sure that we culture inclusivity and allows everyone to get fit.

Do you have a personal trainer online?

With challenges and risks posed by the Covid-19, our fitness is lost and was put along with our least priorities. According to the World Health Organization, one in four adults have no proper or enough physical activity and that is worsened by the current pandemic. Fit Print, is an Orlando Fitness Center that offers virtual personal trainers.

Do you have a female personal trainer?

Fit Print is one of the few gym studios that have a female personal trainer in Orlando. Depending on your preference, we can assign you a male or a female, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Are your trainers certified?

While some fitness studios hire fitness coaches who know how to make and teach fitness programs, it is important that your instructor is certified. Fit Print hires only certified personal trainers and coaches because we are serious about what we do and what we want you to achieve. We believe that in fitness, certification is more than a piece of paper.

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