I never thought that I would care about wrinkles or gray hair. Then, as I watched them form in the mirror over time, I started to think more about how my face looked to others. I would not in a million years want to have surgery to make me look fake. So many good-looking stars of the era I was young in the 1980s now look like creepy animated mannequins or one of those faces they are putting on AI robots. I just wanted to get rid of some wrinkles and gray hair, so I started with Lifecell cream and some quality hair coloring.

I have not found a way to prevent my gray roots from showing on my beard in just a couple of days, but the wrinkles in my face are more in line with what I am expecting for my age. I never really did anything to take care of my skin other than a little moisturizer in the winter and wearing hats in the summer. My face has a bit of that weatherbeaten look to it, especially during the dry winter months of the northern climate I live in. The cold and low humidity are still no match for the damage that sunlight can do to a face. I see women and men who have skin on their faces that looks like a leather couch made from a Shar-Pei dog.

I cannot go back 30 years to do something to make my skin look better now, but I can use quality products to improve its look. It is making the best of what I have. I am not getting surgery. That just looks weird on everyone I have seen it done on. Botox and all that other stuff looks weird too. I can spot facial work a mile away. However, I have a hard time placing the age of someone who is just taking care of their skin. A little hydration and collagen restoration seems to go a long way.