Trainer’s Advice: 6 Essential Gym Equipment

Alonzo Osche
The 60 Best Pieces of Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym 2021

As the old saying goes, health is wealth. The modern lifestyle consists of sedentary work and fast food- both wreak havoc on your well-being. Lockdowns due to Covid have increased the risk of inactivity in the general population. 

Luckily, you can set up a gym at home that meets your needs. It is vital to stay active to maintain your health and reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes.

Home gym equipment is readily available in stores and online. But which is the best machine for you? It depends on your current health condition and activity goals. 

If you have pre-existing conditions, it is necessary to seek professional help or advice before starting an exercise regimen.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machines are a great addition to your home gym. They provide a full-body workout, working your arms, back, and legs simultaneously. 

If you suffer from back pain or aching knees, this machine will suit you as it does not put pressure on these parts. You can meet your cardio requirements with a rowing machine from the comfort of your home.


Treadmill also provides good cardio exercise. You don’t have to find a trail to run anymore. You can easily walk and run within your home. 

Folding treadmills are a good option if you are low on space, as you can fold them when not in use.

Most treadmills offer many modes, and speed ranges, providing you with many workout options. Feel free to experiment with these modes to find the one that suits you. Look for treadmills with a wide belt and strong motor for a better experience.

Exercise bike

The exercise bike is another exceptional machine to meet your cardio target. You can safely bike at home without the risk of getting mauled by a car.

When browsing stationary bikes, look for ones with adjustable seats and bars. Being able to adjust these settings provide better comfort when exercising. 


Lifting weights enhances your strength. You can opt for ankle and hand weights for your exercise. 

If you decide on ankle weights, pick ones that have padding for comfort. Ankle weights are basically bands with pockets lining them to hold weight bars.

For hand weights, dumbells or D-shaped ones are an excellent option. Start with a lower weight, like 2 pounds, and build up your strength to move up a pound or two.

Skipping rope

Skipping rope improves balance and coordination. It is a simple cardio exercise that burns substantial calories. It primarily works at your core.

When buying a skipping rope, look for one that is at least 36 inches (3 feet) longer than your height. Getting the right length is necessary to avoid tripping mishaps.

If you are no beginner to skipping ropes, consider upgrading to weighted skipping ropes. These are slightly heavier and improve your strength.

Exercise mat

An exercise mat is a piece of basic equipment for your workout space. A padded, non-slip mat will work best. You will need an exercise or yoga mat for non-machine exercises like push-ups, planks, crunches, and more.


It is necessary to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is the key to avoiding prevalent diseases. It even helps improve the well-being of those afflicted by lifestyle-related illnesses.

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