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Are you searching for the best way to travel from Denver to Aspen, Colorado? This guide will show you the best transportation options, costs, and some cool stops to make! 

Aspen is a world-famous ski destination and a great summer getaway. It’s not surprising that thousands of people visit it every year. While Aspen has a small airport, most visitors fly to Denver, Colorado. This guide will show you all the options if you are one of these people.

Denver To Aspen Drive By Car

The most popular method to choose is the Denver to Aspen car service. Driving from Denver’s capital to one its charming mountain towns will allow you to make as many stops and save money, compared to other routes.

You have two options when you decide to start your journey from Denver to Aspen. The Glenwood Springs route or the Leadville route. Learn the differences between these routes by reading on.

Driving Option 1: The Leadville Route

Due to the thrilling ride through Independence Pass, the Leadville route is one of the most popular Denver-to-Aspen drives. The shorter option is the one that takes 3h15m.

What to do along the Leadville Route from Denver to Aspen?

You can see so many things on the drive from Denver and Aspen. If you make enough stops, this trip could easily be extended to a weekend.

Driving Option 2: The Glenwood Springs Route

The Glenwood Springs route takes slightly longer than the Leadville route and takes 3h30m. It’s still a great route with many stops and is open year-round.

The Glenwood Springs route is easier than the Leadville route. From Glenwood Springs, you can drive on 1-70 to reach Glenwood Springs. Then you can hop on Highway 82 to get to Aspen.

The Glenwood Springs route, like the Leadville route between Denver and Aspen, has many stunning stops along its route. You can keep the first few stops, such as Idaho Springs or Mt. Evans Scenic Byway can be kept the same, but you can also add new stops.

Denver To Aspen By Plane

You can fly from Denver to Aspen if you have the time or budget to do so. From Denver International Airport (DEN), to Aspen/Pitkin County Airports (ASE) takes only 45 minutes.

United Airlines operates half a dozen flights daily between these two Colorado cities. Prices start at $180 but can easily rise to over $1,000 depending upon the demand.

Denver To Aspen By Train

Denver does not have a direct train line to Aspen. However, you can combine rail transport with the options above to include a train ride to Aspen.

The best option is to take an Amtrak train between Denver and Glenwood Springs for about $50 per person, for approximately 5.5 hours. You can then either take a shuttle bus or the $7 RFTA bus (approx. You can catch the bus at 8th Street.

Denver To Aspen By Bus

A bus ride from Denver to Aspen is a great option if you have a limited budget. You can travel the 159 miles between these cities in 6 hours or less for $40.

Denver’s Union Station is the best place to start your journey to Aspen via bus. You can then hop on the CDOT Westline bus from there to Glenwood Springs and remain aboard for approximately four hours until reaching Westwood Park and Ride.

Your journey is not over!

For the two-hour journey into Aspen, you will need to take Bus L. You have two options: you can either get off at Main St. + Galena St. or at a stop closer to your accommodation.

Denver To Aspen By Shuttle

Aspen is a very popular destination for vacations, so it was no surprise that Aspen Shuttles offered direct transportation between Denver International Airport and Aspen. Private shuttles are also available but come at a higher price. provides daily rides between Denver and Aspen. It takes approximately 4 hours to take the Denver-to-Aspen shuttle and costs $92 per head.

Denver offers a variety of activities and tours that will make your trip even more enjoyable. These activities can be added to your itinerary in as little as 4 hours.

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