The Moderate Quantity of Wine For You

Alonzo Osche

Alcohol has been found to help stimulate your appetite for food sometimes. While it is dangerous to drink on an empty stomach, it has been discovered to help the stomach fill up, therefore reducing the amount of food consumed when you eat and drink at the same time. The alcohol which is best for this is red wine.

Other alcohols which possess antioxidant resveratrol also offer these benefits. From beverage companies, there have been assumptions on the quantity of alcohol that is enough. While you can easily order wine online these days, the subjects on its health benefits are enormous. Alcohol is good for many things but it is so dangerous. Some of the reasons why alcohol is good are:

Decease in Cholesterol: Alcohol has a powerful agent to reduce the HDL cholesterol in your body by 20%. This reduces the possibility of getting heart disease but if it has been discovered early, it can be easily treated. In addition, ethanol which is also found in alcohol has been discovered to help in lowering cholesterol too.

Alcohol Enhances Brain Performance: The brainpower is said to be boosted with a little intake of alcohol in women. It has also been discovered that those with moderate alcohol intake prove to be more mentally functional than those who are not moderate drinkers. Thus, to reduce the risk of medical mental decline, alcohol has been suggested by doctors and professionals. This is why moderation is always emphasized as highly important for alcohol consumers.

How Do You Drink?

This is a thing that many have tried to find out for years now. Scientists and health practitioners also offer suggestions. Many even say alcohol should not be abhorred. However, it’s best to take 5 ounces of wine and 12 ounces of beer. If you want to take distilled spirits like vodka or whiskey, you should consider 1.5 ounces. All these will help you reduce the possibility of misbehavior after drinking.

Is it Possible to Drink All Day?

Yes, it’s possible to drink all day but it is never recommended. When you have an overwhelming alcohol intake, it reduces the smartness of your brain. You also lose control over the things you were supposed to be able to control. Aside from this, it affects your mental stability and this could jeopardize your health. 

Heavy alcohol intake in a day could make you sick. You’ll start from vomiting and a chronic headache which could lead to a loss of appetite. If your body exceeds the percentage of alcohol it’s supposed to take, it could have terrible repercussions.

Will You Get Fat When You drink?

The only thing that can give you fat is beer. This isn’t just because it is alcohol, it is because it contains some content that increases belly fat. Aside from this, you can’t get fat from alcohol or spirit-distilled products.


However, if you want to drink, it’s best if you eat foods packed with helpful nutrients. This could be vegetables, fruits, and many other products that could help you secure good health.

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