Solid Core Fitness Studio to Open in Jersey City

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Word on the street is that New York-based fitness gym Solid Core is setting up shop in Jersey City – expanding its extensive portfolio that consists of studios in over 20 states. Solid Core is a 50-minute high-intensity, low-impact resistance training Pilates workout. A job posting for a studio manager at the new location was posted on May 8th, which tipped off a savvy reader locally and thus ensued some sleuthing. Read on to learn what we know about the Solid Core opening a fitness studio in Jersey City.

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Classes at Solid Core are boot camp-style. The lights are low, the music is blasting, and the instructor is leading the session. Members can book classes in groups or a semi-private session for a small group of friends.

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The studio offers a Foundation Class for those who are new to pilates that focuses on technique. For those who are pilates enthusiasts, the studio offers muscle-specific classes including arms + abs, buns + guns, buns + abs, and an intensive 30-minute core workout.

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Solid Core has grown in popularity because of its highly-controlled 50-minute workouts that essentially overload and break down muscle fibers, then gives them time to recover and adapt. Rotating the monthly muscle focuses prevents plateaus and delivers balanced bodies.

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The LinkedIn job posting stated, “Our people are open, real, genuine, and positive. We foster love of body, push each other, sweat together, empathize with one another, and always high-five.”

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There hasn’t been official word for the fitness brand about the expansion to Jersey City aside from the job posting, and we’ve reached out to a rep to confirm. We will keep you updated as the details of the location and official opening date are revealed.

Other recent fitness studio openings in the area include Planet Fitness taking over the former National Wholesale Liquidators property in Jersey City, The DRIP opened a permanent location in Hoboken, Prime Cycle started hosting classes at Hoboken’s Pier A gazebo, and MESS Method opened a permanent studio in the Mile Square as well.

Written by: Victoria Marie Moyeno

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