As someone who has practiced dentistry for years, you may have gained vast knowledge that could benefit your peers especially those who are just starting out in the industry. The insight you have accrued combined with your own special talents could change the way that your fellow dentists diagnose and treat their own patients.

You do not have to participate in conferences and give lectures at professional meetings to spread your knowledge to others in your profession. You could add to the collective information used by dentists like you everywhere by writing articles for trade newspapers, professional magazines, and a journal of dentistry that is available in print or online.

Editorial and Submission Standards

The fact that you are a dentist by trade does not automatically mean that you are a grammatical wizard. In fact, writing could be one of your worst skills. Still, anything that you submit to the journal will have your name attached to it. You do not want to make yourself look bad or compromise your professional prowess by submitting something that is poorly written or totally incomprehensible.

The publication provides editorial guidelines for contributors like you so your articles make sense and are free from embarrassing grammatical mistakes. You are required to abide by these standards before you submit anything you have written for the journal. Once you have met the criteria, your article may then be published in the upcoming edition.

Finding Back Issues

As knowledgeable as you are about the industry, you still might want to get caught up on back issues of the journal. Instead of paying for each back issue separately, you might prefer to pay a single subscription fee to the publisher. This single fee gives you access to back issues as well as current and upcoming editions.

You can pay for or renew a subscription on the publication’s website. This convenience spares you from having to send in a check or money order. It also helps you avoid having to pay for each edition individually. Once it is paid in full, your subscription allows you to create an online account and access all of the materials found on the website.

The knowledge you possess could be well-received by your peers. You can write articles and make sure they reflect well on you by using the editorial guidelines for submitting professional industry articles.