When I was a kid, I was never interested in makeup or other beauty products. What I did enjoy though was sitting on my grandmother’s bed and listen to her stories as she would get ready for a night out with Grandpa. She always looked beautiful to me, and it was not until many years later that I found out her secret for that was in using Dermacol makeup. When I became a teenager, she is the one I went to for beauty advice. To be honest, I went to her for every bit of advice I needed in my life, and she has never steered me wrong.

She told me that makeup is just like any other thing in life. The only way it is going to work is if there is a strong foundation for it. Gram has always been one to preach on foundation, and I thought it humorous but also appropriate that she was applying this to my makeup lesson as well. She told me that she had been using Dermacol since before I was even born. She got interested in it when she found out that it is what her favorite Hollywood actress was using.

She was able to order it directly from the company, and she has never used any other kind of foundation since. See, my gram had used different foundation before this, but none of them covered up the acne scars she had from her teen years. When she tried Dermacol, she was amazed at how well it covered up everything. She told me that it was okay for Gramps to see her as she really is, but she wanted the world to see her looking as great as she possibly could. Well, Dermacol did that for her, and it is doing the same thing for me now too!