My friends and I at work like to test stuff for our company. We get to write reviews and post the best ones online. It is fun and it is almost like it is a contest every time we get new things to try out. We see who can write the best review and we can get published in either our online blog or in our monthly newsletter. I like to look at and see what people are buying in the technology field because I think it is so important to be able to go and see what people are talking about and I think that is important to stay relevant. I actually think that when I write my articles that I do a lot of research in what people are saying and what the entire place has to say about the vibe. I check with my peers to make sure nobody else is up and writing about what I am so it’s important for me to be specific.

I used to be worried that if I told people in my office that I was going to be working on something that they would want to try to steal my angle but that is just not the case at all. I know that a lot of people support one another in my company and that if I am having something just not stick, or I need another opinion that the staff would be more than happy to help me. We always talk about how we are like siblings and although we are all super competitive with one another that we just want the best for each other in the very end. That is how a team is supposed to work and I am glad I am doing that very thing.