Learning to Play Music Was a Lot of Fun for Me

When I was just a little kid, I used to love to watch my brother play the guitar. He used to ask me if I wanted to learn how to play one day, and I always told him that I did. However, as I grew older, I found that I really was not as interested in playing the guitar like he was. Later, when I learned that I could take drum lessons online during one of my Internet searches, I ended up begging my mom to let me learn how to play. She decided that it would be a good idea because she had worried for a long time that I would not be interested in any music, sports or other hobbies.

My mom told my dad to get me a set of drums, and she asked him to set them up in our basement. She felt that would be the perfect place for me to play because it was nice and quiet down there. My brother was quite envious of the impromptu music studio that our dad set up for me in the basement. Dad brought in a couch, chairs, some tables and other things to make the basement very comfortable. He made sure that I had Internet down there as well. As soon as everything was set up, I began taking classes online. I loved every minute of the learning process.

My parents and I soon learned that I was really good at playing the drums. My brother used to come downstairs to listen, and he was pretty impressed with how fast I was learning how to play so well. He and his friends were in a band together, and he asked me if I wanted to join. I jumped at the chance to play with them. After a couple of years, we began landing paid gigs to play at different events around town. We even earned money for playing at those events!