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Alonzo Osche

Kimball Fitness Center offers 24/7 access using a key fob to enter at all hours of the day. Dulemba said gym members do take advantage of the 24/7 access with some coming in as early as 3 a.m. to get in a workout.

Dulemba said the key fobs mean the members are on the honor system, but the security system is there to act as a backup.

“(Each key fob has) an assigned number assigned specific to that member, so that they don’t bring their buddies,” Dulemba said. “Our security system knows who just swiped the door. We know who they are, what time they were here, and if they came in by themselves. If they brought somebody with them, were they (members of the gym)?”

Thy gym also offers an on-demand fitness room fitted with a large TV to view the workout routine.

“You can punch in on an iPad on the wall. (You can select) a workout, yoga, Zumba, dumbbells, dance, whatever the routine is. You can shut off from the rest of the gym and do your 30 minutes,” Dulemba said.

Throughout the gym, there are TVs that members can tune in to watch news or weather while they work out. Controls on the wall can be used to change the volume on the TVs, or even to switch over to playing music through the overhead speakers.

For busy families, there is a room to keep children busy as parents work out in the gym.

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