How to Spot Fake Health and Fitness Products

Alonzo Osche

You’re here because you’re now extremely curious about your health. This is such a powerful shift, a recommended one for everyone who wants to develop and maintain a healthy life. This is because you need to eat healthy foods and also go through the fitness products that are better for you to stay in good shape.

The products tagged “the best diet for me” must indeed work. While there are many supplements accessible online, the fake ones are enormous. Taking this in will cause so much harm to your system and this may affect your health more than you imagine. Thus spotting fake health and fitness products and purchasing the best fitness products for you could help you stay clear of fake health and fitness products. Here’s how to know them:

  1. Check the Package and Look for Its Barcode

The smartphones created today help you scan any products with QR codes. Once you have an app that can read barcodes, scan it. This should lead you to the website that produced the product you’re holding. 

This will offer you the chance to know about the company and access if its product is the desired quality you need. The barcode authenticates the source and lets you trust or distrust them; it all depends on the reviews you read about them.

  1. Check the Packaging and Seal

Unusual mistakes in spellings, strange fonts, inaccurate information, logos, and symbols are red flags. You can only know these when you check their seal to know if it has been tampered with earlier. You should do this when you are still at the store. 

Products must have high-quality seals and packaging. Anything less than this could be a red flag to avoid such health and fitness products.

  1. Check for Canada’s HPFB Approval

The Canadian Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) must have approved any medicine or health/fitness products before it is let out to the public. This is done to maintain safety standards. 

Without a sign that shows its approval, leave such products. They are not the products that have undergone the necessary processes to make them sellable.

  1. Check Out The Hologram

This is also a way to know if a product is real or otherwise. Holograms globally represent authenticity as they are difficult to duplicate. Thus, find the holograms which are security features to authenticate the product. You can find it in the seal as a way to know a product is genuine.

  1. Buy From a Repute Pharmacy

Note that having a big edifice for a pharmacy doesn’t mean that it’s the most reputable pharmacy for you. You must find the store that is famed to have delivered quality products throughout its years of existence. 

This will help you know if the products you buy from them are fake or genuine. Additionally, you can read reviews about the company online. Reading this lets you develop more trust in the service they offer.

In addition to all these, check the MRP sticker, dissolve the product in water to know if there are powder residues, and read the product reviews. Reading product reviews from the manufacturer could let you know the accredited pharmacies where you can buy them.

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