Federal Judge James Moody has scheduled a hearing Wednesday on the lawsuit challenging the new state ban on gender-affirming care or even referrals for transgender minors.

The lawsuit by the ACLU on behalf of families and two doctors seeks a preliminary injunction to stop the law from taking effect later next week. The ACLU says the law is unconstitutional. It not only bars care, it bars coverage of relevant medical services by government or private health insurance. If put into effect, the law will threaten the survival of the gender clinic at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and services offered by many others in the state.

A news conference by supporters of the lawsuit will follow the hearing. Participants will include people from the ACLU, transgender advocates and plaintiff families, who include Dylan Brandt and his mother, Joanna Brandt; Brooke Dennis and her parents, Amanda and Shayne Dennis; Sabrina Jennen and her parents, Lacey and Aaron Jennen; and Parker Saxton and his father, Donnie Saxton.

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