In today’s advanced world, the technology and logistics of health care can be a confusing issue for many people. The Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates are doing their part to make health care just a little less confusing for those in need.

Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates assist their communities with health care plans and the health care system. Advocates are available to patients of all ages and races, regardless of the patient’s condition. These advocates do their part to help those who need help most find affordable care, great resources and good insurance.

The Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates was founded in 2003 by Betty Long, RN, MHA. A few months later, her advocacy grew with the addition of three nurses assisting ten clients. This group was tested in 2005 by 7,500 police officers with a pilot program through Law Enforcement Health Benefits in order to determine the effect of nursing advocacy on health care costs.

The organization was publicized in 2006 by their inclusion in the Pennsylvania Small Business Centers’ Client Exposition entitled, We Mean Business, applauded as one of Pennsylvania’s best small businesses. The same year, the Law Enforcement Health Benefits group expanded their relationship with them as a result of almost two million dollars in claims’ savings during the pilot program.

Since 2006, a number of Pennsylvania based businesses and unions have signed on to take advantage of the know-how provided by Betty Long’s advocacy group. Guardian Nurses has become a certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Long herself has been praised for her good deeds and effective business management, nominated for Small Business Association’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award and honored by Glamour Magazine and Tag Heuer North America for her good works in the community.

Patient advocates sit in on doctor’s appointments, and can help confused patients sift through the medical jargon and insurance lingo to find the best course of treatment. These advocates come from the medical field and are well-versed in the world of health care. Former nurses and health care workers are perfect applicants for patient advocacy positions, with the experience needed to understand physician instructions and help figure out insurance claims.

Because of their health care experience, the patient advocates working with the Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates often have resources not available to members of the lay community. With connections to insurance companies and knowledge of nearby specialists, the Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates can provide information and more that can’t be found anywhere else.

Guardian Nurses is based on a solid foundation for patient advocacy, which has existed for decades. Patient advocacy grows more popular with every passing year, helping new generations of patients find the resources and information they need for speedy recovery and cheaper insurance. Because of groups like Guardian Nurses and the complexity of the medical field in modern America, patient advocacy continues to develop. By utilizing an individual who is prepared to deal with the more complicated aspects of recuperation, patients get the best help available.

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