Covid 19: How to Clean and Sanitise Your Groceries

Alonzo Osche

 The year 2019 surely did change the whole world. Things will probably never remain the same as they did before CoronaVirus happened. It would surely take a long time before the world adjusts to its previous state of freedom and carefreeness. 

With the emergence of COVID-19, distinctive safety measures are being preached and advertised every day to stay healthy and safe. It’s important to know that eating healthy meals and drinks helps boost the immune system against infections and diseases.

The easiest way to contact Coronavirus is through close contact with an infected person or an infected surface. The latter means that when an infected person touches a surface, and you also touch it, you’re at a high risk of contracting the virus yourself. Shopping for groceries carries greater risk because a lot of people have handles and probably coughed on the products you’re buying. 

Due to the pandemic, there are limited restrictions of movement and prohibition of food and beverage outlets to reduce human contact. The good thing about delivery services Is that it brings all your groceries and favourite meals to your doorstep. But if you still choose to get your groceries yourself from the store, there are measures to ensure safety. 

  1. Assume Every Surface is Infected 

When shopping for groceries, you don’t need to touch everything you know you won’t buy. Because random people walk into the grocery shop, you need to place your mind on a consciousness you’re prone to get infected. 

Get a disinfectant wipe and wipe the basket or cart handle you’re holding. After that, disinfect or wash your hands. 

  1. Quarantine Your Groceries 

Studies show the virus can survive as long as 72 hours on cardboard bags, plastic and stainless steel. Instead of bringing the virus to your home, It’s best to leave your groceries in your car or on your porch for at least 72hours. This allows the virus to die off easily. 

  1. Set Up a Cleaning Station 

Before bringing in your groceries, have a cleaning section where you can disinfect with a cleaning spray and cloth. Don’t wash your food item with disinfectant. It will irritate your stomach. Wash In cool water for at least 10 seconds and dry with a clean, dry paper towel 

  1. Keep Your Surface Clean 

Wipe and disinfect the areas your grocery bags have touched. For groceries with disposable packages, you need to unwrap the package and dispose of it to avoid contamination. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Wear Gloves

When cleaning your groceries, always wear disposable gloves and avoid touching your eyes or nose. Don’t forget to wash or disinfect your hands after cleaning your groceries. 

Covid-19 has indeed affected our lives greatly, and although there’s no cure for it yet, we can only prevent ourselves from getting infected. Ensuring strict personal hygiene on what we put in our mouth can make us less prone to getting infected.