The gym you choose will have an enormous impact on your success so do not take this matter lightly. Below are what I consider to be the most important factors.

1) Equipment.

Make sure that the gym has all core equipment that you will use in your beginner bodybuilding workout.

Does the gym have enough flat bench press stations? One of the gyms near my home only had two stations and so there was always a line to use them especially during peak hours. Nothing spoils your flow more than having to wait a while to do a core exercise like the bench press. I instead opted for a gym that was a little further away but had enough equipment.

2) Cost.

Beginner bodybuilding gym membership plans shouldn’t be too expensive. You can save money by opting for ‘express’ gyms. They may not have a swimming pool or all the other fittings and trimmings but can serve your beginner bodybuilding needs just as well. At the moment Gold’s Gym Express and 24 Hour Fitness express charge about $20/month.

When you sign the contract pay attention to the language and make sure they are not tacking on any hidden charges or committing you to a long term membership.

3) Hours

This goes without saying. Make sure they gym is open at the hours you would like to work out. Also be wary of very low monthly membership fees that restrict what hours you can work out. A popular ploy by some gyms is to charge as low as $15 a month but then have some fine print that says you can only use the gym between 11am and 3pm.

4) Location.

The best beginner bodybuilding gym is one that is situated near your house, or is on the way from your house to your office. This helps ensure that it’s convenient to get there and that you have one less excuse not to go. Don’t pick a gym that involves a long drive to get there; you’ll just end up going less frequently and skipping workouts.

5) Crowd

You don’t have to be too picky about this one but the obvious crowds to avoid are:

a. A crowd consisting of mostly women. This type of gym will emphasize yoga and cardio and will not inspire you to reach your goals. Do not sign up to join Curves gym.

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