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Alonzo Osche

All Hours Fitness hasn’t gone anywhere, but as of late it’s like it’s the new cool thing in town again.

All Hours Fitness, located at the 4218 NW loop in Carthage, has had a resurgence with its members — both old and new — showing up in droves.

“It’s like we opened up a new facility,” manager Cara Beth Parker-Morris said of business the past few months. “That’s what it feels like. That’s the kind of traffic we are seeing for sign-ups.”

Parker-Morris became manager in February 2013 when All Hours Fitness was located on Panola Street next to Subway before the current facility started being built.

The current facility opened in April 2014.

Walker Alford and Randy Seegers are the sole owners of All Hours Fitness. Along with the location in Carthage, the duo have gyms in Center and Jasper in Texas. Alford and Seegers also own gyms in Louisiana, with locations in Natchitoches, Oakdale, Pineville, Ruston, Springhill, Winnfield, DeQuincy, DeRidder, Leesvile, Many and Minden.

The duo prefers to build in small towns and stay clear of big cities.

According to Parker-Morris, what makes All Hours Fitness so special is that it’s a gym for everyone and at a reasonable price.

“It’s a great advantage for people to come whenever they need to,” manager Cara Beth Parker-Morris said. “Depending on their work schedules. Some work night shifts and can come right after work, I think it’s a great time for anybody and not have limited hours to workout.”

All Hours Fitness has three plans — individual, couple and family — with six-month, 12-month, 24-month and 30-month contracts.

All contracts feature a $50 one time enrollment fee, and if you pay for a six-month contract in full, you get one free one and if you pay a 12-month in full, you get two months free.

“It has a good atmosphere, good weights and equipment,” said Daryl Shelton a member since 2014. “Good management who keep it clean, the whole nine. It’s a good family gym, real nice.”

An individual six-month membership costs $48.71 a month, 12-month $37.89 a month, 24-month $27.06 a month and 30-month $20.57 a month.

Being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week is what separates this gym from the others in the surrounding area.

“I think 24-7 and the size of it makes a difference,” Parker-Morris said of the gym being a success. “I know we don’t have a classroom setting, but that’s in our future plans to add-on. The owners are looking into that.”

Parker-Morris gets inquired about the cost of a gym membership everyday she works. People will say the monthly memberships rates are a tad too expensive.

The gym manager broke it down plain and simple.

“If you think about it you go to Whataburger and you get a combo meal for two, you’re spending about 20 bucks,” Parker-Morris said. “You can get a gym membership for 20 bucks a month. If you put in that perspective and I guarantee you at least 50 percent of these people eat fast food.”

Last year the gym as well as every other gym in the state was shut down by the government for two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Hours Fitness re-opened up at the end of May.

“It took a while for it to get back to normal,” Parker-Morris said. “People feeling comfortable going to the gym, and it’s full fledge now. It’s crazy the business the last three to four months people are going out and signing up.”

Gym member Camille Brooks says the gym doesn’t allow people to have excuses for missing their workout.

“It’s open all hours that’s what draws me back,” said Brooks who has been a member for four years. “There’s no excuse not to come. It’s always clean and even when it’s busy you can still workout. There’s still enough equipment to do what you need to do.”

All Hours Fitness has free weights, dumbbells and lots of cardio equipment that is less than three years old, along with a women’s-only side. The gym is fully air conditioned and has big fans spread out all over to keep members cool.

If you’re a fan of tanning, the gym has multiple tanning beds to go along with a state-of-the-art massage chair.

The massage chair has as one-time fee of $27.06 that you can use every day for up to 10 minutes each visit while being a member at the gym.

Member Claude Franks has worked out in gyms throughout East Texas and will put All Hours Fitness amongst the best.

“I’ve worked out in Henderson, Longview, Tatum, and this is as good of gym I’ve been in,” said Franks who has been a member for five years. “It’s a good atmosphere and the writings they have on the walls that push you and challenge you. It really helps keep focus.”

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