5 Signs You Aren’t Taking Care of Yourself

Mental health problems are easy to mask, so are not always obvious. Whilst frustrating, feeling generally down isn’t always a sign of mental health issues. Learning to spot these issues and being able to understand at which point you need help is incredibly important. So with this in mind, what are the biggest signs that you’re not properly taking care of yourself?


You’re Always Tired

Feeling tired and sleepy is part of being a human in most respects, but it can also be a sign of larger issues. Fatigue can be one of the biggest signs that something is troubling you, especially if this is accompanied by a lack of sleep. Getting less sleep than what is recommended can cause a deterioration in your life as a whole and can lead to you becoming irritable, moody and could even cause a breakdown in your personal relationships if left untreated for long enough. If you are struggling to sleep, then it is important to seek advice from a medical professional.


Bad Oral Hygiene

One of the biggest signs of depression is the decline of your personal hygiene. If you are spending days, weeks or even months without washing or spending time on your personal hygiene, then something is wrong. This can include both bodily and oral hygiene, and it’s important to keep up with your 6-monthly visits to the dentist. If you are worried about your mouth hygiene, it’s important to let your dentist know. With regular check-ups, any issues can be spotted and you can discuss treatments such as dental implants and professional cleanings to help with your worries. Find a good dentist that you trust, whether you’re looking for a dentist in Warrington, Belfast or London, ask around to find one that you feel comfortable going to.


Losing Friends

If you’ve noticed that people seem to be losing contact with you, or if your family seem less willing to tolerate your behaviour, then this is one of the biggest signs of mental health problems. Often, our problems can show up in the faces of those around us and if your behaviour is having an effect on your relationships then this is a sign of a much larger issue.


Feeling Uncreative

Feeling like you have lost your ‘spark’ is a common problem for most people with a creative flair. It can come in ebbs and flows, however, losing your creative flair can be a lot more than just a case of writer’s block. Noticing a lack of drive and interest in your hobbies and passions are a sign to look out for if suffering from mental health issues.


You Are Reliant on Drugs

Whilst this sounds dramatic, it can be something such as a reliance on coffee above what is deemed ‘normal’. You may need to take a look at your life as a whole and understand whether you may be relying too heavily on one thing to help keep you going. This can be a difficult thing to determine, but once you’ve identified what it might be, it can be a real eye-opener into whether you are taking care of yourself or not.


Overall, not taking care of yourself is a sign of mental health issues and depression. It’s surprising just how many simple actions that go against your self-care can be a sign of a much bigger issue. Be aware and look after yourself both physically and mentally.