How To Cease Procrastinating On Essential Tasks

lifetime fitnessEvery single January, advertisers go crazy promoting diet applications, workout gadgets, and all manner of well being improvement methods. By way of my private knowledge and through the insight of others, I’ve come up with a few crucial issues to keep in mind when taking into consideration the delicate balance of a fitness life style. Wheat grass is an organic food with significant health and fitness advantages, but I’m not even going to try to lie to you, it doesn’t taste really excellent. Males that experienced extremely variable ecological situations for the duration of development lived longer and had greater lifetime fitness, whilst these that knowledgeable poor early-life conditions lived longer but at a price of lowered fertility.

I travel across the country for work, generally I am in a city for 3 weeks and then I move on. I normally attempt to locate a Lifetime Fitness as the employees are super nice, often smiling (With the exception of one particular particular person here-there’s constantly that one guy) The facilities are 2nd to none. Anyone who has been to Life Time and is not crazy about it has clearly never ever lived in a place exactly where they only have Bally’s and LA Fitness areas. On October 21, 2008, she launched a video game for the Wii, Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 A year later, she launched a sequel known as Fitness Ultimatum 2010.

Lifetime members reported to Digital 1st Media the club’s apparent reticence to supply specifics about the hole, but they had been unwilling to be interviewed. The new Chestnut Hill location for Life Time Fitness is in the old Atrium mall. This course is an introduction fitness and wellness, and includes creating individual fitness applications and instruction in physical activity. Life Time’s fitness centers are typically considerably larger than rivals Equinox and Blink Fitness, with spaces ranging from 70,000 square feet to as significantly as north of 200,000 square feet nationally.

Founded in 1992 in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Life Time is marketed as a high-finish facility with private fitness instruction, salons, meals courts, huge child centres, and indoor/outdoor pools” according to WikiPedia. Knee and Back discomfort are common and the reality that it is going to take you a lengthy time to create the stamina and fitness required to run for any excellent length of time signifies you aren’t going to burn very many calories at least until you create that fitness. Swim fitness such as higher intensity water aerobics, aquatic kick boxing, water calisthenics, aquatic zumba and the list goes on sadly has no uniform.

Swim fitness professionals and the finish user should be conscious of the health want for water shoes – their safety depends upon it each in preventing trips and falls and in preventing illness from bacteria and parasites. Nevertheless, I have to admit, the notion that this whole issue was completely pretentious and crazy had crossed my mind about a thousand times so I started the Villa vs. LifeTime debate at operate via …

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Build Arms Like Sam Ajdani In Men’s Overall health Magazine

mens healthAge – Age is a predominate issue in determining who is at a greater threat of contracting the illness, with 6 in 10 cases diagnosed in males over age 65. The typical age prostate cancer is detected in is 66. And on Friday, June 16, in the course of Put on Blue Day, everybody can give a increase to men’s wellness by taking a photo of you and your pals, loved ones or coworkers wearing blue and posting the photo on social media, utilizing the #ShowUsYourBlue hashtag. OMH also invites you to join @MinorityHealth for a #MensHealthMonth Twitter Chat at 1-2 PM EDT on June six. The chat is co-hosted by SaludToday, the Men’s Wellness Network, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Stick to the conversation with the hashtags #SaludTues #MensHealthMonth.

In 2012, Planters and Men’s Well being joined forces to develop a new NUT•rition mix, made with men in mind. The Men’s Well being Subscription Box is an expertly curated quarterly shipment of the newest and greatest fitness, nutrition, grooming, and tech gear from the pages of the greatest-promoting men’s magazine brand. Pictures competitions are a great opportunity to share the enjoy this Men’s Health Week and win prizes – have a go! Recently, my grandfather told me that wearing tight jeans causes overall health troubles in male reproductive system.

Men’s Overall health teamed up with Chef’d , the gourmet meal-kit delivery service, to offer a choice of branded, a la carte meals and meal program possibilities beneath the direction of Men’s Wellness Food and Nutrition Editor Paul Kita, a James Beard Award-winning editor and author of the Guy Gourmet cookbook and common blog of the identical name. I intentionally took a look at what I wanted the end destination to look like and broke it down into smaller achievable pieces that individually will represent an improvement in my well being.

Wow i did not know that there is a beard month…fairly envy those people who have facial hairs. It took much longer than anticipated and I even went a bit backwards a bit all through the vacation season just before realizing optimistic alterations in my overall health. Men’s Health is the one hundred% useful” magazine for the sophisticated and active man who is financially safe and seeks a publication that is presented in an straightforward-to-recognize and professional manner. Fitness Director BJ Gaddour breaks down every single exercising in the Men’s Health library step-by-step so you can get the most muscle out of every single move.

Men’s Wellness Forum is calling on government ministers to reverse the JCVI’s interim recommendation not to vaccinate boys against HPV. This TRICARE Television Episode discusses TRICARE’s preventive health positive aspects for TRICARE Regular Beneficiaries. Offer your information to keep informed on future overall health and wellness initiatives. What I’ do know is that spending 5 days a week waiting for Friday afternoon to come probably is not optimal. It is helpful in male fertility, alcohol poisoning and for improving eye health.…

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Soin de la peau

Aujourd’hui, les soins en spa sont plus répandus chez la plupart des gens. Vous pouvez passer votre temps libre dans des bains à remous qui peuvent apporter détente et tranquillité à votre corps. Les produits Spa sont préparés avec l’ajout de produits chimiques. Ne vous inquiétez pas pour l’environnement, car la plupart des produits sont écologiques et n’impliquent pas beaucoup de produits chimiques. Certains des produits sont discutés ci-dessous. Lisez ce guide sur lifting paris ici.

Système inline Spa Frog

Ce système de cartouche flottante prolonge le temps nécessaire pour ajouter des produits chimiques. Ce produit, lorsqu’il est utilisé dans des spas, contient 50% à 80% moins de brome. C’est un système écologique qui réduit la quantité de produit chimique ajouté.

Chimie naturelle

Il aide à nettoyer l’eau d’une manière respectueuse de l’environnement sans affecter le pH de l’eau dans les spas. D’autres produits peuvent également être utilisés avec cela pour obtenir un effet clair.

Balance de la soie

Cela réduit l’impact écologique et rend l’eau sans odeur et modifie le pH de l’eau du spa. Cela peut donner une sensation soyeuse à votre peau.

Fournitures Spa:

Vous pouvez voir de nombreux fabricants et produits disponibles pour rendre votre peau plus belle et plus belle. Les fournitures de spa comprennent une large gamme de produits, des lotions pour la peau aux traitements capillaires. Chaque année, les fabricants dépensent des milliards de dollars pour fabriquer ces produits destinés à la population. Les produits de soin de la peau peuvent être considérés comme l’un des produits de spa les plus couramment achetés sur le marché. Un bon produit peut être acheté chez un détaillant de spa local ou une esthéticienne. Visiter un spa local de temps en temps peut être considéré comme l’un des meilleurs moyens de soulager la tension et le stress.

Des traitements oculaires intenses hydratants, une large gamme de lotions corporelles aux produits d’exfoliation, peu de produits de soin des cheveux contenant des revitalisants et des shampooings sont inclus dans les fournitures de spa courantes. La liste s’allonge avec l’ajout de fers à friser, de sèche-cheveux, de produits colorants et de brosses.

Si vous consommez de la drogue ou de l’alcool pendant que vous êtes au spa, vous pourriez subir des conséquences négatives. L’eau chaude peut augmenter les effets de ceux-ci. Vous pouvez préférer boire de l’eau, des jus de fruits ou des boissons non alcoolisées pour vous détendre dans le spa. Vous devez sûrement vérifier toutes les connexions électriques du spa. Les femmes enceintes sont priés de ne pas avoir spa sans consultation médicale.…

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In no way Buy Medicine Online, UB Pharmacy Practice Professional Says

buy medicine onlineEnsuring comprehensive care and comfort, Justdial brings to you an on the web pharmacy retailer, exactly where you have straightforward access to all your healthcare wants. To grow to be the President of an MC acquire a Clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosure site. You could attempt sigining this online petition to attempt to get Primeatene back on the shelves….not confident how a lot excellent it will do against this twisted government we have. A neighborhood rescue does $five rabies clinics with the vaccination purchased online and nevertheless makes a large profit. Initially, my family members also ordered a ton of on the web remedies but they had been all a waste of time and money.

When I saw Marvin and Cooper excessively scratching their heads and discovered that there was an odor and black wax in their ear canal, I went online in search of an successful residence remedy. Many but not all of these on-line pharmacies are verified by PharmacyChecker and have been members for a lengthy time. You can get a plastic drop cloth for below $three at most hardware or property improvement shops or in retailers like Walmart, Target, or Sears. The very first fundamental theory of the Unani method of medicine established by Greek philosopher Hippocrates is founded in the belief that the physique of the individual is composed of 4 fundamental elements i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire which have different Temperaments i.e. Cold, Hot, Wet, Dry.

Cover Lifters are fine if you are also lazy to fold the cover in half, slide it off, and lean it up against a wall, but if you are by oneself or have some physical challenges, then undoubtedly purchase a cover lifter. Why: The larger the level in this talent the a lot more Alcohol you can purchase from the marketplace. Some Players sell pork for 200Ð you can usually nevertheless make a profit if you buy about that cost. Here are my specs two.five gal, 1 halfmoon male betta, no visible indicators of ich (white dots or visible parasites) just the nonstop swimming, whisper carbon filter non adjustable strength but great for 1 to 3 gal tanks, no heater simply because I reside in a warm location but will possibly buy a heater.

Don’t discount eBay when it comes to exactly where to acquire crucial oils specifically when value is a element. The medicine is so excellent that as soon as taken boast off its effect for duration minimum to 5 hours. I would like to purchase medicines for the treatment of MS such as Glatiramer acetate. Viagra online is very popular solution for guys simply because of its potency and swift action. I agree that regardless of whether or not recognized therapies must be covered by a customized medicine claim is an arguable point. They are quite significantly as common as eating a packet of crisps in the UK (or chips to my American pals).

Obagi has an amazon retailer where you are going to be …

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mens healthErrors happen, even so when you do not even acknowledge that error, it stinks up a bit. This infographic supplies information on incident diagnoses of the 5 types of abdominal hernia that had been documented in well being records of 72,404 active element service members from 1 January 2005 by means of 31 December 2014. Men’s Wellness is Singapore’s No. 1 men’s magazine, with 62,000 readers (Nielsen Media Index 2015). By way of collaboration and strategic partnerships with national, state, territory and wellness related community solutions such as beyondblue, Heart Foundation, Division of Veteran Affairs, Cancer Council, AMSA has created a variety of sources and delivered a variety of national initiatives such as ‘Spanner in the Performs?, a men’s overall health project.

SLEEP – After years of struggling with sleep, I got virtually an complete month of deep and restful sleep. Men’s Well being Event supplies Free well being screenings to males over 18. These screenings are supplied by a range of regional healthcare providers and are valued at $1,800. In Men’s Overall health he’ll get the advice, but delivered in our trademark humorous voice. Contact the group at Invigorate Men’s Overall health and Wellness to understand much more about your danger aspects. For distinct health-related tips, diagnoses, and therapy, seek advice from your overall health care provider.

Men’s Well being teamed up with Chef’d , the gourmet meal-kit delivery service, to supply a selection of branded, a la carte meals and meal program possibilities below the path of Men’s Health Food and Nutrition Editor Paul Kita, a James Beard Award-winning editor and author of the Guy Gourmet cookbook and popular weblog of the identical name. I intentionally took a look at what I wanted the end location to look like and broke it down into smaller sized achievable pieces that individually will represent an improvement in my overall health.

At Invigorate Men’s Wellness & Wellness, we know that these can be indicators of Hypogonadism or Low-testosterone (low T). Low T impacts about 39% of males more than the age 45. The possibilities of developing low T increase with one’s age. Men’s Wellness Network also has wellness information offered for the younger generation, who could be naive to the physical elements of the skilled trades,” Stalknecht continued. The Men’s Overall health Data and Resource Centre received funding from the Australian Government. In reality, THE 21-DAY METASHRED is so effective that you only have to do three workouts a week — however your results will be amazing!

The editors of Men’s Well being have created many New York Instances bestsellers, such as The Men’s Well being Massive Book of Workouts and The Lean Belly Prescription, plus popular titles such as Guy Gourmet: Excellent Chefs’ Incredible Meals for a Lean and Healthful Physique, The Greater Man Project: 2,476 Ideas and Techniques That Will Flatten Your Belly, Sharpen Your Mind, and Maintain You Healthier and Happy For Life, and Your Body is Your Barbell. The CMHF was founded by men’s overall health visionary …

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Hope For Pregnant Ladies With A Blighted Ovum & Misdiagnosed Miscarriage

best nutritional supplementsIn my function as a pharmacist, I’ve noticed that one of the most typical complaints individuals have is joint discomfort or stiffness, most often situated in the knees, finger joints, wrists, and/or shoulders. Well being supplements help in the complete method of repairing and sustaining the health of tissues by constructing, repairing and maintaining newer tissues. Cosmetic or nutritional grade supplements are typically sold in health meals retailers. Health-related research have displayed coq10 plays a crucial role in power production and oxygen utilization (specially in the heart muscle tissues. Ü Acts like a sponge that absorbs cholesterol and fats, thus reduces your body weight and normalize your cholesterol level.

Your initial line of nutritional defense against damaging free of charge radicals from pollution, exhaust fumes, chemicals, smog and other environmental toxins. Of course, you can locate these crucial components the meals you consume, or you can use vitamins and nutritional supplements that contain them. I now realize I need to consider myself lucky since the cancer is so prevalent in Goldens. Even if you are on a strict diet program, these supplements will help you in staying match and healthful. Get in touch with your nearest GNLD Licensed Independent Distributor for your orders and nutritional overall health advises.

What if there is, to be really cautious That there are many firms utilizing fake Purple corn beverage systems I advocate to my pals in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, usually make positive of the Origin y de la Fabrica of the Item. The 30 day Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning system is 1 of THE very best schedules for assisting individuals to reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals but when you have so numerous shakes throughout the month, it really is super beneficial to have some assortment and delicious ideas to shake it up on your shake days!!

Below I present a number of cases exactly where cancer has been healed mostly through diet and nutrition, and clarify some of the science behind this method. We manufacture each high and low volume supplements for your comfort so that you can come as a competitor in the industry. Two Case Studies: Each Ruby, a six year old border collie with hip dysplasia, and Buckshot, a 12 year old bird dog with arthritis, showed noticeable improvement right after one particular week of every day supplements with the Sea Mobility treats.

Antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium are some of the most typically taken dietary supplements. And if you want to be selling supplements from house as a merchant, then you will need to have to get distributors sign up for your items. However this is ignored by conventional medicine, in favour of chemical and radiation warfare inside the sufferers body. I honestly consider we ought to 1st of all use food where we can to stop and treat illnesses and illnesses and vitamins supplements and herbs because we cannot possibly fulfill that want with food.…

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Something You Can Recommend On How To Enhance Children’s Appetite

best nutritional supplementsThere are ten important guidelines that you can use to get the greatest gains in muscle mass. Research research show that metabolites of tryptophan have some thing to do with the onset and development of bladder cancer. The answer is extremely straightforward: nutritional supplements give the body with these nutrients that could be lacking in a person’s ordinary diet program. A 2007 study in which healthy females consumed 200 micrograms (mcg) of chromium picolinate a day for 12 weeks whilst on a controlled diet showed that it did not market adjustments to physique weight or composition. The search and ideas, diet regime and supplements are endless and you can make yourself crazy on the Net all day extended.

Please contemplate this knowledge about how marketing and advertising ploys may well be effecting your decisions relating to nutritional supplements and ultimately – about your own overall health and that of your loved ones. What a nutritional alternative can do is increase the dog´s well being and the top quality of the joint so that secondary modifications are reduced. Steroid medications such as prednisone can also cause considerable weight acquire and redistribution of fat stores in the body. Mila is a all-natural raw meals that contains a number of nutritional components that are helpful to your overall health each short term and long term.

Radiesse, which has calcium hydroxylapatite as its collagen stimulating active ingredient, is an additional dermal filler that performs quite efficiently in restoring volume in sufferers with deep lines or sagging skin. You will find exactly where I use particular supplements to heal and maintain me healed, and I could care significantly less exactly where you buy them, just acquire them and use them. Early warning indicators of diabetes may possibly incorporate diabetic symptoms like extreme thirst, blurry vision, fatigue, unexplained weight loss or constant hunger.

A single of Blair’s ideas for these who discovered it tough to achieve weight and muscle was to mix his protein with heavy cream and 1 of his flavored extracts coconut was particularly appropriate. I believe it’s totally Wrong for a Health-related Doctor to be prescribing any natural products to his patients. Your physician may possibly also advise that you take calcium and vitamin D supplements to aid defend your bones. Most dietary supplements have not been nicely tested for security in pregnant girls, nursing mothers, or kids.

The tables shown beneath give you a breakdown of the nutritional worth of 100 grams of the seeds. Dietary supplements are utilised to appropriate nutrient deficiencies, improve healing and immune function, lessen inflammation, r elieve joint discomfort , and market general overall health. The crucial fact about protein supplements is that they generally come in the type of a powder that is to be consumed mixing with fruit juice, milk or some other of liquid. It is also 1 of ideal supplements that a lot of bodybuilders or avid athletes use and they swear by it. I’ve used this supplement several instances, and a single …

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Develop Arms Like Sam Ajdani In Men’s Wellness Magazine

mens healthIn fall 2007, Men’s Well being launched the FitSchools initiative to combat childhood obesity The magazine sends overall health, fitness, and nutrition specialists to selected schools every year to remake the physical education programs and college lunch offerings. At Invigorate Men’s Wellness & Wellness, we know that these can be signs of Hypogonadism or Low-testosterone (low T). Low T impacts about 39% of guys over the age 45. The chances of building low T boost with one’s age. Men’s Health Network also has wellness information accessible for the younger generation, who may be naive to the physical elements of the skilled trades,” Stalknecht continued. The Men’s Well being Data and Resource Centre received funding from the Australian Government. In fact, THE 21-DAY METASHRED is so efficient that you only have to do 3 workouts a week — yet your results will be incredible!

Use the following recipes to save your self some income when removing unwanted facial and chin hair. All of this signifies that males need to have to know about the well being problems that have an effect on them, their threat aspects and what they can do to support avert these concerns. As I prepare for phase 2, I need to have to diverge from my originally posted plans and continue focusing on standard conditioning and wellness albeit at a more challenging level than phase 1. Guys are not essential to have well being insurance to participate in any of the well being screenings at the event.

Men’s Overall health Network recommends taking ten minutes to go by means of the My Prostate Cancer Coach Threat Tool to far better comprehend your prostate cancer and your risk level, so you and your doctor can make therapy choices certain to your circumstance. In 2013, Men’s Wellness launched the radio show Men’s Well being Reside in partnership with Entertainment Radio Network. Clearly, it is either all black people look the very same to the Men’s Overall health Magazine team or they just do not care. So each and every year, I grow a beard, for national beard month in November, and my birthday!

This website complies with the HONcode common for trustworthy well being info: confirm right here. It is partially negative habits and poor self handle re-emerging but there were other factors last week with household pressure and two sick little ones. It is correct and self revealing that changing way of life priorities and environmental degradation on an substantial scale in the last 50 years or so has resulted in poor well being of the basic population. Invigorate is a men’s well being and wellness clinic positioned in Wichita Falls, Texas.

And on Friday, June 16, during Wear Blue Day, everyone can give a enhance to men’s health by taking a photo of you and your close friends, family members or coworkers wearing blue and posting the photo on social media, utilizing the #ShowUsYourBlue hashtag. OMH also invites you to join @MinorityHealth for a #MensHealthMonth Twitter Chat …

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By no means Buy Medicine Online, UB Pharmacy Practice Expert Says

buy medicine onlineIf you just opened the box on your new Tassimo single serve coffeemaker then you are almost certainly questioning where to purchase those little Tassimo T-Discs so you can take pleasure in your cup of freshly brewed coffee every single morning. If you can afford to get organic important oils as an alternative of non-organic ones, go for it. They are a lot more pricey, however their good quality is simply superior since the plants had no pesticides on them. The website has made it less difficult to search for the medicine you would like to obtain. That is not standard practice in Hawai’i unless you’re at a swap meet or farmers’ market place And take money with you when you shop in rural regions. The problem with most sites that claim to be a review or comparison of the quality of distinct vitamins is this – most ‘reviews’ were produced with an agenda in thoughts, to get you to get THEIR brand.

Excellent Shop with stuff i always want to acquire.. Also providing delivers on every single buy with free of charge shipping. You can get these tablets on the web from a number of certified and authorized on the web pharmacies as effectively beside your local pharmacy retailer. Medicine is a single of the needed health-related items that is needed to keep away from overall health-associated problems. Courier Service: The Organization grabs duffle bags complete of money and attempt to provide them against police opposition. One particular of my favourite fitness routines is the body bar for low influence target toning of my legs combined with the medicine ball exercise for the core and upper shoulders.

Speed Medicine is your on-line pharmaceutical partner dedicated towards simplifying your medication demands and ensuring quicker and reputable health services. These Online Health-related Diagnosis solutions have a lot of limitations and potential pitfalls that you need to be conscious of. It is challenging to decide the capability and reliability of these services. But as an alternative you inform individuals to do what I’ve just completed for my heartworm-optimistic dog: buy low-cost ivermectin on-line ) That is the ideal issue to do, and it avoids all the veterinary bills.

You will probably want to buy a light, even though, so choosing the Kindle Paperwhite (see it beneath) may be a better decision. The good issue is that you also get a reminder by way of e-mail or phone from the on the internet pharmacy in order to verify if you nonetheless need to have medicines or your any medicine prescription is due. Navitas at WKU is situated at the WKU Bowling Green campus and delivers a University Pathway System (UPP) and Pre-Masters System designed to prepare international students for university research in the USA.

Sorafenib 200mg Tablets Online Generic Nexavar Tablets on reduced expense Pay a visit to our site and Order for fastest shipping and efficient rates. Most lately, however, I have found the joy and convenience of learning languages on the …

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Six Brain-Healthy Nutrients and Where They Can be Found

You manage your to-do list like a true professional, you are an expert at multi-tasking, and you are able to run circles around most people. However, when you are constantly finding yourself having to switch gears and attempting to stay on top of your game that can result in serious brain drain.

Although one guaranteed way to reboot is to get enough sleep. You need to refuel by eating nutrient-rich and healthy foods. This helps to improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills. Along with your memory and focus.

We are starting to have a better understanding of how nutrition influences memory and learning. Matt Kuchan a scientist confirms this who is the global leader of Abbot’s partnership with the University of Illinois Centre for Nutrition Learning and Memory. He added that their research, which covers infancy through adulthood, really demonstrates the critical role that nutrition plays in creating strong brain connection, preserving our memories, helping us to better focus, and to preserve who we are ultimately.

Fortunately, research has indicated that there are several different nutrient combinations and nutrients that might help.

Keep reading to discover what the best six brain-healthy nutrients are and what foods contain them, summarised here by the School of Natural Health Sciences.

1 & 2. Zeaxanthin and Lutein

Lutein well known for its cardiovascular health, skin health, and eye health benefits. It is a carotenoid and is increasingly becoming recognised for its brain health benefits for individuals of every age.

For example, the Centre for Nutrition, Learning and Memory and the University of Illinois and Abbot, conducted a study recently showing seniors who consume higher amounts of lutein have improved crystalised intelligence – meaning better use of retaining information they have acquired over the course of their lives.

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for your golden years in order to benefit from lutein. According to additional research, taking a combination of zeaxanthin and lutein can help to improve memory. Whilst processing speed for people of all ages.

3. Quercetin

Many different foods contain this anti-oxidant. Including blueberries and apples – and has been recognised historically for its benefits. Treating heart disease, high cholesterol, and other types of circulation-related conditions. However, Abbott conducted a pre-clinical study recently showing that when quercetin is combined with other critical brain nutrients, it may help slow down the decline in cognitive health. That gives “an apple a day” concept an entirely new meaning.

4. Natural Vitamin E

This vitamin naturally found in areas of the brain that links to language development, vision, and memory. It has shown that this powerful antioxidant complements lutein to help protect DHA against free radicals contained in the environment – including ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun and air pollution.

A recent Abbott study also shows natural vitamin E is best over synthetic vitamin E by the brain.

Kuchan says to be sure to search for natural vitamin E on food labels. Referred to as d-a-tocopherol or d-alpha-tocopherol.

5 and 6. DHA and

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